Advent calendar encourages agility


Throughout December, the Ministry of Business has been nudged to be more agile through an Advent calendar.

Use 15 minutes to qualify or get backing for a project, by taking a short conference call or a cup of coffee with the relevant person.

This is the message behind one of the doors in the Ministry of Business’ Advent calendar, which MindLab have made for all the Ministry’s employees. The Advent calendar has been made to encourage a more agile behavior in the everyday work in one part of Slotsholmen.

Behind other doors are encouragements to tell your colleagues about work you are proud of, or to investigate how a case you have worked on ended. MindLab’s mailbox has been flooded with reports and pictures of good solutions. It includes everything from calling someone instead of taking twice as long writing an email which potentially can be misunderstood, to admitting big mistakes to colleagues and discuss how it could have been approached better, or to have lunch with a colleague you don’t know. The best solutions will be awarded at the Ministry’s winter conference.

he Advent calendar is MindLab’s experimental attempt to support the Ministry of Business’ Strategy for 2025. In it, it is emphasized that tasks should be solved flexible and that changes can be implemented at pace, so laws and regulations are experienced as satisfactory and timely.

With experiments, there is no guarantee that the way we act within the experiment will become daily practice in the Ministry. But in MindLab, we believe that if you want to be good at something, you must practice, and our colleagues in the Ministry of Business have trained in an exemplary manner.

Merry Christmas.