Concept Poster

Concept development is a process that creates coherence in relation to the best ideas that you decide to keep working on. The poster is a tool to create an overview of the best ideas, and the visual format makes it easy to tell and explain others what you want to do.


What is the concept's title? The title should contain the main idea while also being catchy.


Description of the concept. Which products, activities, services and other components are included in the concept? Write ideas on post-its as they are easier to move around after they are stuck to the concept poster. When the final answer is chosen, you can write them directly on the poster, so it can be used as presentation material.


Who is the target audience? Which users are affected directly and indirectly by the concept?


What effects should the concept create among the users? Should the concept create security, clarity, effectiveness or something else?


Who should be involved for the concept to become a reality? Describe in relation to the financing, development and implementation.


Who should be responsible for the operation, and for the further development of the solution after it is implemented?


How is the concept different from previous solutions? What's so special about this particular concept?


Make suggestions on what it takes for the concept to be realized.