Courage of the collective

At a seminar in September MindLab tested whether it is possible to create courage towards a change of culture in ministries and agencies by letting different projects inspire each other.


When ministries and agencies enter into projects with MindLab for the first time, most will probably notice that MindLab’s working methods differ considerably from how they are used to work in the organizations. In MindLab we always adapt our methods and processes to fit the issues of the project at hand, why two projects rarely are similar.

Therefore, in early September MindLab arranged a seminar across all projects, the Ministry of Employment and MindLab have made in collaboration during 2016. Partly to show how diversely MindLab can be used in projects, but also to inflame the courage needed to create a change of culture in their organizations – without MindLab at hand.


I will view future projects with different eyes, because I’ve got an insight into how differently  MindLab can be used, and how important a role the users’ perspective play when conducting projects

Anette Ravn Bharathan, Arbejdstilsynet


In a mixture of presentations and debates, the cause of the projects, their political hangers and prospective findings were reviewed. The project range from working environment in directions to working with hazardous chemicals in the industry and the service unemployment centers provide business’.


It’s nice to get to know others in the organization working on development projects, so you can use each other for sparring in future

Marie Finderup Lauridsen, Styrelsen for Arbejdsmarked og Rekruttering


Then participants discussed the enabling factors that must be present to complete a successful project between the Ministry of Employment and MindLab, and the themes that could be interesting to work with in 2017.