Development Questions

Defining How Might We questions is a simple, but highly methodical grip, to bridge the gap between what you know from your analysis, and the ideas you want to develop. The method is to formulate the questions, which the subsequent development of ideas should answer – simply put, it is to ask "How Might We...?".

When answering How Might We questions, you begin to set the direction and level of ambition for your development of ideas. It provides a clear priority from the beginning - and therefore the definition of development questions is an important strategic exercise for both the project and your organization.


You divide the 3-5 main findings/challenges between you and your team members. From each finding you brainstorm How Might We questions. A How Might We question is a sentence that starts with "How Might We ...?" And describes what you want to achieve with the initiatives/ideas that the project will develop. Try to answer your How Might We question, if it docent allow for a variety of answers, broaden the question. For example: "How might we work constructively with the group of teachers who are vocal against the new working time rules?”


When you have defined the How Might We questions, you choose the 2-3 most important ones, which should be in focus of your subsequent idea brainstorm.