Film & Sound

The presentation of citizens' experiences creates empathy for decision-makers and is a strong springboard for the development of better ideas at workshops. The work in ministries is often full of abstraction, and meetings that remain abstract, which rarely results in concrete solutions. Citizens’ stories should not be seen as a replacement for using quantitative data. Instead, it can be advantageous to present both together at a workshop. Using short audio or movie clips we have learned that; they always stimulate empathy, commitment and drive, and are a great way to get participants at a workshop to discuss a topic and then think in specific solutions. Citizens' experiences force us to think concrete rather than abstract, and that it is needed when developing powerful solutions.


We recommend that you primarily use smart phones to convey simple statements from the end users, as they are easy to operate. After an interview you can ask your end user to repeat one or more key points, while you record it. You can also record the whole interview, but it necessitates more work afterwards.

Are you planning to produce a more sophisticated film with several contributors, and therefore need knowledge of editing programs, you are welcome to contact us or another actor who can perform the technical part of the film/audio clip for you. We can also help you find a suitable production company.


Prepare for your interviews.Find out what core challenges it would be advantageous to present as an audio or film clip?


Select contributing citizens or companies.


Think about location, how can the points be supported best?