Idea Development

Idea development can help you select the most promising ideas, by refining your ideas. The method is a structured and solution-oriented way to build on what appears to be interesting ideas that have come out of a brainstorming session. This method evaluates strengths and provides solutions to the challenges related to the ideas and helps you select the most promising ideas out of the bunch generated in the ideation face.


Start by choosing an idea that you would like to develop.


Strengths: Write at least three strengths of the idea.


Potentials: Write at least three suggestions on effects that the idea could help create.


Challenges: Think about the challenges you see related to the idea.


When writing the challenges, you can formulate them as development questions. If the challenge is that the idea is too costly, a development question could be "How can we mobilize more resources?”


"How to overcome challenges": Brainstorm on how the challenges can be overcome. That is how the idea can be improved. Once you have completed the process, you are left with a stronger idea that could look quite different from when you began.