Innovation diary

MindLabs director is sharing some of his thoughts on innovation, leadership and the public sector. Read the instalments at Apolitical. They form part of the feed on government innovation.

#1 Distributed ambition

Commiting your resources, integrity and enthusiasm on behalf of others creates more value.

#2 Design sinking

Great outcome comes from mindsets, not models.

#3 How to scale up public policy

Scaling up is the big thing in public innovation. But public policy is a lot more complicated than selling iPhones.

#4 Backlog of curiosity

Why make products, when you can build insights?

#5 Innovation is not a room

Why we scrapped our iconic ideation pod in MindLab.

#6 Innovation labs measure success to justify themselves—but it can’t be done

Why labs should give up on their Holy Grail: impact measurement.

#7 Don't bring me solutions, bring me problems

Solving policy issues often comes down to redefining the problem.

"Two years ago we refurbished MindLab on the principle that innovation should be able to occur across the entire public sector, in every meeting room, at every desk. Actually, we prefer to work in the offices of our ministerial colleagues, solely to support the idea that innovation is tied not to space, but to mindset."

Thomas Prehn - director of MindLab