Anna Sofie Jacobsen

Anna Sofie Jacobsen
Project Manager, MA Cultural Production and Urban Development, BA int.
tlf. +45 9133 7190

Anna has extensive experience with public development projects. As a project manager, she focuses on user-centered policy development and implementation. She works to foster consistency between the practice that citizens experience, and organizations’ political and administrative premises. She has great experience in working on public development projects within the employment area, the educational area and the business area. Anna has a special interest in the link between development and implementation, which makes her constantly strive to incorporate knowledge about practices to best translate policy objectives into real effects.

Anna also has great experience in working with development projects in the health sector with a special focus on how patients’ and relatives’ experiences can be included in the development of better patient care. Internationally, she has taught and advised UNDP and a number of other organizations.

Prior to her hiring at MindLab, Anna worked for a number of years in public-private collaboration and innovation in various positions at the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

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Presentation Topics

The link between policy development and implementation
User involvement in the health sector
Strategic use of user insights