MindLab Executive

In November, we held MindLab Executive for the first time. The event focused on new trends in management and especially leading with the current changes that both the public and private sectors are facing. The event was addressed to senior executives in our four groups of owners, as it is the leaders who can bring about change and ensure that it spreads in the organization.

We believe it is important that we, as a public sector, think about our role and how we create a new way to be a public sector. We must deliver not only relevant solutions but also optimal solutions for citizens and businesses. It requires that we have a solid leadership, as it is required in a changing world where unpredictability and rapid change is a prerequisite.


When you are a leader, you have to work with yourself all the time. You must also recognize that you will never become the perfect leader.

Thomas Prehn, director at MindLab


There were presentations from James R. Detert, Professor of Business Administration and Ph.D. at Harvard and Kim Kristensen, master of ceremonies in the royal family, colonel and leader of the year in 2009. We have collected some of the points in the two videos.