MindLabMorgen on artificial intelligence



Begin your Wednesday morning with an inspiring presentation on artificial intelligence Wednesday, March 29 from 8: 30-10: 00 at MindLab.

In the future welfare state, artificial intelligence can play a large role in the way we manage cases, drive processes and solve challenges. But how can we take advantage of the emerging technology so that it supports our core tasks instead of undermining them? At this MindLabMorning, you can hear Anders Høeg Nissen from DRs “Hardisken” talk about the technology that makes it all possible. He will give examples of how artificial intelligence is used for welfare development both at home and abroad, and he will help us better understand the potential of applying artificial intelligence in our everyday life, work and society.

Within the transport sector, they have already started to gain experience with artificial intelligence. Hear Senior Consultant Per Skrumsager Hansen from the Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing talk about the law proposal, which will allow controlled trials of self-driving cars in Denmark. He will talk about the considerations behind the proposal and tell how the Ministry’s regulation allows drivers to use artificial intelligence in traffic.


If you work in an area where you do not yet work with artificial intelligence, this MindLabMorgen will give you a chance to reflect on what opportunities and challenges the technology can provide for your work.

We look forward to an inspiring start to the day and hope to see you!



8.20-8.30: Coffee and croissants

8.30-9.30: Presentations by Anders Høeg Nissen from DR’s Hardisken and Senior Consultant Per Skrumsager Hansen from the Ministry of Transport, Building and Housing

9.30-10.00: Questions

10.00: Thank you for today


Note that the presentations will be in Danish


MindLabMorgen is free, but you must register here: – type “21. february” in the subject field.

MindLab, Slotsholmsgade 12, 1216 København K