About us

Our ambition is to pioneer the public sector of the future by gaining concrete experience of possible variants of it, which we can constantly learn from and refer to as inspiration and examples to follow. So, we are gradually and continuously seeing a public sector in the throes of change right into the heart of daily behaviour in the office and the management processes – for the benefit of citizens and businesses.


We invent, develop and experiment with new ways to find and define problems as well as new approaches to solving them in a relevant and effective manner.


We are owned by the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Employment and the Ministry of Education, and we always work together with our colleagues in the ministries on their projects, so the experiments and focus on effect find their way into both policy development and the lives of citizens and businesses.


When we fail, we examine why and learn from it. When we have succeeded, we explore the enabling conditions and try to disseminate them as concrete everyday behaviour or management.