Mindlabs Organization

MindLab is owned bythe Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Education and Odense Municipality. Our staff, board and extensive network provides us with a solid grounding in both the public sector and the research community.

MindLab’s core staff consists of 18-20 people who have different experiences and educational backgrounds in design, social science, political science, experience design, philosophy, journalism and engineering. Our large interdisciplinarity evokes wide solution perspectives, which means we can take on tasks of very different natures.

Meet Mind Labs employees


MindLab’s strategic direction is set by the Board, which meets three to four times a year. It is also the Board that gives final approval to MindLab’s portfolio of projects.

The Board consists of:

Michael Dithmer, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs (Chairman)

Jesper Fisker, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education

Jakob Jensen, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Employment

Jørgen Clausen, Chief Executive, Odense Municipality