Perspective Cards

Get new refreshing perspectives from other contexts - shift focus! If you are at the beginning of a somewhat deadlocked project or in the middle of a thought process where the group needs new inspiration for the development of ideas, then perspective cards can help.

Perspective cards can serve as an inspiring kick starter of a thought process, and can help you take a starting point based on the user's perspective and get concrete ideas for initiatives, when you have to respond to a challenge.

If these perspective cards don’t fit your project, then you can get a similar effect by selecting and printing photos from the web from other industries or other contexts than those you normally work in. As an example, we introduced pictures from a grocery delivery company for a group of teachers who had to develop ideas on creating quality in a stressful working day. How would their ideas look if it were inspired by the boxes of fresh groceries delivered to the customers’ doors? How will the image of a football team, a space shuttle, a greenhouse or a fast food restaurant spark ideas in your project? Use your imagination - it's simply about helping group members think outside the box and to incorporate new perspectives and approaches.


Each participant chooses 1-3 perspective cards which they intuitively find most relevant. The cards are generic and require participants to clarify them in relation to the specific project.


Rephrase any questions on the cards to development questions that are relevant to your project.


Present the chosen perspective cards for each other in the group. Why have you chosen that specific one? What inspires you about the card? What can you take with you, and how can the perspective play together with your work?