From policy to practice

If policy proposals to a greater degree were developed in collaboration with the practitioners who have used them in the real world, then they would have better chances of survival. Therefore, MindLab dropped the conventions and gathered 350 educators from the country's day-care centers to discuss how the proposal for new educational curricula is best put into practice.


For new political proposals, it is a tradition that ministries submit the proposal in hearings,  after which, it can be commented upon in writing. Often the result is a lot of comments that goes in every possible direction and does not point to anything specific. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, MindLab, therefore, organized a workshop in the fall, where educators and childminders helped create a structured dialogue on the proposal for the new educational curricula.

The curricula are the politicians’ proposal for the practice which shall be applicable for the youngest children, that is in kindergartens, nurseries, and daycares, and must, therefore, act as a guideline for the country’s institutions for children. The workshop was part of MindLab’s work to ensure that relevant stakeholders got involved in the process, to qualify the developed material.

"We have acted as a kind of adviser to the Ministry of Education about how they create a good dialogue and structure the conversation. That is, how to involve 350 people, so all 350 feel their voice has been heard in an effective way?"
Mads Bonde, MindLab