Project Journey

A project journey is a simple way to visualize a process. In MindLab, we use the Project Journey to facilitate a process focused dialogue in the beginning and evaluation of a project.

Our experience is, that this method provides a visual overview of untapped potential or contexts, we otherwise could have overlooked. A Project Journey can provide important insights to where the team agree or disagree on a process design or provide a deeper understanding of what worked and didn’t work, when looking back on a project. The method is suitable for facilitating a dialogue between collaborators, to reveal conflicting understanding of a process, both in the commencement and evaluation face.


Book at least two hours with the project team. It is important to get the different perspectives and include all stakeholders involved in the project, both when starting and looking back on a project.


The starting point is a horizontal timeline under which all important activities should be placed. Above the timeline, you add the thoughts and reflections related to the activities. On post-its, each participant, the 3-5 most important moments.


Look at your answers and collectively address the following questions while, sorting the post-its chronologically: How did the project develop? / How do we want the project to develop? Add details as significant proposals, meetings, reports, consultancy inputs, focus changing insights etc.? The involved team members, focus groups, stakeholders and others?


If looking back on a process, ask all participants to rate, what were the challenges/victories along the way? All participant rates by placing hearts when there were an important victory, exclamation marks where further research is needed and lightening for pain points. Note details beside the icons.