Research partnerships and network


MindLab is part of ambitious research networks, both internationally and in Denmark. We collaborate with experts, think tanks, researchers and other knowledge environments. One example of this is MindLab’s collaboration with MacArthur Research Network on Opening Governance and CBS’ Public-Private Platform, to strengthen the research base for MindLab’s know-how-related work. Contact MindLab through, if you are interested in a potential collaboration or if you want to find out more.



Under the headline ‘Reflections’ MindLab arranges a series of seminars where our research is discussed with central actors involved in the development of the public sector.

Reflections no: 1,  no:2, eller no:3


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Former head of research at MindLab Jesper Christiansen’s PhD thesis is exploring public innovation as a way of coping with current societal issues, and with the potential of increasing the effectiveness and legitimacy of state interventions.

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