Collaborative partnerships



MindLab resolves tasks in partnership with our owners’ group: the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Employment, the Ministry of Education and Odense Municipality.

Once a year, MindLab’s board of directors determines the tasks MindLab should work on for the year ahead. Tasks can range from long-term programmes involving change to one-off projects and workshops of shorter duration, which are defined in close dialogue with our partners. The criteria that are required if MindLab is to be involved in a particular collaboration are:

  • That the task is of major strategic importance to the organisation
  • That it is possible and relevant to involve end-users as citizens and companies, as part of the process
  • That you as collaborative partner are willing to bring your own resources to the table as part of the collaboration
  • That you are open to the idea that the results of the collaboration are both measured and evaluated

The organisation of individual collaborations will be made more specific after involvement with our collaborative partners.
MindLab’s ownership also has the opportunity to enter into collaborations of shorter duration, engage in sparring or find inspiration in the form of a MindLab presentation. Due to significant levels of interest in collaborations of shorter duration, MindLab considers enquiries from its ownership on an ongoing basis and keeps the board of directors up to date annually about which ad-hoc tasks have been resolved.



A partnership with MindLab is a partnership of mutual obligation and is a reflective process that may involve workshops, projects, communication, training and capacity structure. This may be of shorter or longer duration but the point of departure is always the same; that changes, new services and policy development are the result of collaboration. This means that you (in your role as collaborative partner) will be closely involved during the process. You could (for example) be brought along to fieldwork involving citizens or companies and you will also be directly involved in the development of ideas and establishing of waypoints for how the changes are to be brought about in your organisation.