Shared Decision Making

Audio clips are helping doctors and nurses becoming better equipped at best helping patients with a life-threatening illness become aware of choices, that are always present in the course of treatment.


As described in our latest newsletter, two major projects between Finsencentret at Rigshospitalet and MindLab will help create the best environment, so the patients in two cancer departments will be more involved in the important decisions in their treatment. The ambition is to make it easier and better for the patient, family, and medical staff to discuss the options the patient have.

Head Nurse at Finsencentret, Mette Rosendal Darmer, visited the radioprogram P1Morgen to tell more about their work focusing on patients. Among other things, she explained how the use of audio clips has helped disturb doctors and nurses in their image of the patients’ experiences.

"We think we know how the patient experience it. And we do not know. So listening to the patients’ experiences of it makes us think differently and do something else."
Mette Rosendal Darmer, Head Nurse

Foto: Ty Stange